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Ladder Safety Rails stabilize your ladder when placed on a pitched roof, flat roof or vertical surface. The patented extendable hand rails provide solid support to transition to an elevated surface and descend from that surface with greater safety and confidence.


A proven safety advantage for the commercial industry as well as contractors, roofers, electricians, painters, carpenters, home inspectors and home owners, Ladder Safety Rails provide an added margin of safety to anyone who uses a ladder.


Ready for installation right out of the box and no tools are required. Attaches easily to all standard extension ladders. Can be removed when not in use and folds for compact, convenient storage. The durable construction provides years of reliable service.


Watch the videos below to learn how the Ladder Safety Rails system increases safety, utility and confidence when working on a ladder. Endorsed by Cable TV's Brian Gurry of American Builder

Click on the icons above to view additional Ladder Safety Rails product videos and endorsements.

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Ladder Safety rails

Ladder Safety Rails attach quickly to any standard extension ladder. Its unique design provides an extra margin of safety and increases utility of your existing ladder. Durable construction and quality materials ensure many years of reliable service.


Original softouch bumpers

An essential addition to the Ladder Safety Rails system, these non-slip, durable Softouch Bumpers protect surfaces from marks and scratches. The bumpers prevent damage to roof shingles, wood and vinyl siding. They also provide solid contact on vertical, horizontal and angled surfaces.

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