ladder safety rails

Ladder Safety Rails
A Break Through In Ladder Safety

Now you can enter and exit a roof and elevated

surfaces with greater safety and confidence.



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Ladder Safety Rails acts as a ladder stabilizer to your ladder when placed on a pitched roof, flat roof or vertical surface. The patented extendable hand rails provide solid support to transition to an elevated surface and descend from that surface with greater safety and confidence.

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A proven safety advantage for the commercial industry as well as contractors, roofers, electricians, painters, carpenters, home inspectors and home owners, Ladder Safety Rails provide an added margin of safety to anyone who uses a ladder.

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Ready for installation right out of the box and no tools are required. Attaches easily to all standard extension ladders. Can be removed when not in use and folds for compact, convenient storage. The durable construction provides years of reliable service.

What People Are Saying

I have been using the Ladder Safety Rail for a few months now and I can't imagine going back to a life without them. They offer a great sense of security when entering and exiting roofs as well as acting as a standoff while on the face of a building.

Todd P.

My father is a roofer and took a fall off a ladder 3 years ago. Once I heard about this product I knew I had to buy it for him. HE LOVES IT! And it gives us peace of mind knowing he is safer up on the ladder.

Eric S.

As a commercial electrician, I've had to climb some serious heights. The first time I used the Ladder Safety Rails system I was wiring an overhead canopy at a gas station and felt safe and secure 30 feet in the air. I have used the system on every job since.

Peter G.

The ladder itself can not move from side to side because of the stabilizer so getting on the roof is as simple as climbing a stairs. Thank you for your excellent product which I am happy to recommend to anyone.

Gretta F.

Love it so much

We love this! For some reason our aging made my husband and I afraid to be on a ladder, and even more terrified to climb onto a roof. When we saw the safety rail option, we purchased, and WOW, we were both be able to get up on the roof feeling 100 percent secure! Thanks for helping us oldies!

Joanna Smith

How It Works

Watch the videos below to learn how the Ladder Safety Rails system increases safety, utility and confidence when working on a ladder.

Endorsed by Cable TV's Brian Gurry of American Builder

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