About Ladder Safety Rails™

U.S. Patent 9,932,771

Ladder Safety Rails™ is a patented, revolutionary product that makes access to elevated surfaces from an extension ladder both safe and convenient. It also provides confidence to the user to ascend and descend elevated surfaces.

The concept for the Ladder Safety Rails came from a veteran of the construction trade and his associate, an engineer with experience in the aerospace industry, who designed and developed the product. Together, they both recognized the need for safer and easier access to elevated surfaces and vertical work areas when using a standard extension ladder. The Ladder Safety Rails system’s unique design provides lateral stability to the ladder and the extension hand rails give solid support to the user to safely enter and exit elevated surfaces with confidence and ease. 

Each unit is manufactured in the USA from high quality materials making it strong, lightweight and weather resistant. Its quality construction will provide years of safe, reliable service. 

Ladder Safety Rails can be easily attached or removed from an extension ladder in minutes. In addition, due to its light weight and compact design, it may be permanently left attached to the ladder for repeated use. The Safety Rails fold inward and can be secured in the retracted position so the ladder can be conveniently transported on top of a vehicle. When completely removed from the ladder, the unit can be collapsed to its minimal size for easy storage.

Compared to the standard extension ladder, Ladder Safety Rails offer a greater margin of safety and confidence to contractors, roofers, electricians, painters, carpenters, home inspectors and home owners - practically everyone who works on a ladder.

Ladder Safety Rails - we don’t make ladders, we make them safe.


Ladder Safety RailLadder Safety Rail Ladder Safety Rail
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